The Islands Of The Bahamas Help Bahamian Culture Blossom In Florida

The Islands of The Bahamas are famous for their clear blue waters, their first-class accommodations, and their ideal weather. Yet, over the years visitors have found, yet, another benefit of visiting the Islands of The Bahamas—a culture so fascinating that Bahamians are proud to own it and visitors cannot seem to get enough of it. Once again, this unique and intriguing Bahamian culture will have the opportunity to blossom, beyond the shores of The Islands of The Bahamas.

On Friday, October 18th and Saturday, October 19th 2002, The Islands of The Bahamas will participate in the annual Goombay Festival in Key West, Florida. This enchanting and colourful street party will be hosted in Bahama Village located at Duval and Petronia Street. This year`s festival will begin at noon and end at midnight on both days. About 50,000 people are expected to flock to Bahama Village to take part in the festivities.
The well known Royal Bahamas Police Band consisting of 38 members will, mark this celebrated event with a grand performance. They will kick off the event at the opening ceremony at 5:00 p.m. on the 18th of October. The Royal Bahamas Police Band is extremely talented as they create a splendid symphony from a combination of musical instruments-drums, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and recorders, just to name a few. The Band`s impressive performances have been placed on a pedestal, as they continue to contribute to the Bahamian culture. This Band makes appearances at many local and international events, displaying their distinctive uniforms and rare talent.
To compliment this extraordinary two-day Goombay Festival celebration, The Islands of The Bahamas will also feature a conch vendor, a straw vendor, and Junkanoo- the National festival of The Bahamas. The Conch vendor will proudly tantalize some taste buds by offering a variety of Bahamian specialty conch dishes including cracked conch, conch salad, scorched conch and conch fritters.
The Straw Vendor will showcase pieces of intricate art designs, ranging from straw hats, straw handbags, imaginative woodcarvings, festive clothes made from the indigenous Androsia designed material, and much more.
In addition to the masterpiece that The Royal Bahamas Police Band will produce at this vibrant event, a famous Junkanoo group will develop it`s own exceptional rhythm, using a collaboration of Bahamian hand made instruments. The Junkanoo musicians will use cowbells, goatskin drums and brass instruments to generate an incomparable musical beat. The Bahamian Junkanoo Revue will close the celebrations with a bang on both days.
While in Florida for the Goombay Festival visitors can extend their stay and fly or cruise to The Islands Of The Bahamas. Excursion packages are available through Destination Bahamas.
For information on The Islands of The Bahamas and excursion packages call 800-BAHAMAS or access the official website of The Islands of The Bahamas at