Extreme Water Sports Competition Sails in Aruba

Arubaå‘s Kite Surfing Invitational 2002 will take place on Aug.30th å- Sept. 1st at spectacular Arashi Beach in the Northwest corner of the island.
The Kite Surfing Invitational will feature participants from Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire.  Professional kiteboarders Jeff Tobias, from the United States, Martin Vari, from Argentina, and Ruud Overwater, from the Netherlands will perform extreme kite surfing demonstrations.
Kite surfing, also known as kiteboarding, is one of the fastest growing extreme water sports in the world. It is a combination of other extreme sports such as windsurfing, wake boarding and paragliding. Kiteborders control a wing of lightweight fabric, which pulls them across the water or above it. Participants can demonstrate their skills in the following disciplines: freestyle, best trick, airtime, and long distance. These races are subject to available wind conditions.
Aruba Tourism Authority and Amstel Bright are co-sponsoring the event. Hotel packages are being offered by the Brickell Bay Hotel and Sunset Blvd. Studios to accommodate participants.