American Travel Agents Will Sell Cuba As A Tourist Destination

Courses to train and educate American travel agents on tourist destinations are being taught to sell trips to Cuba.
At press conference, Richard Copland president of the American Society of Travel Agents said: “We«re carrying out a course for specialists in tourism destinations to sell trips to Cuba.”
“We believe that it is a constitutional right of the Americans to travel to anywhere in the world, promote peace and understanding among the peoples” said Copland.
The association has 26 thousand members, 18 thousand established in the United Status.
Copland and four executives came to Cuba and visited tourist centers, as the famous Varadero beach and virgin keys; they also met with Cuban president Fidel Castro.

Lots of American citizens would visit Cuba -a forbidden place after 1959- if they could. - said Copland. “Cuba is fantastic as a tourist destination… equal or even better than what I have seen in my trips.