CTHRC Develops 3-Year Strategic Plan

A 3-year Strategic Plan for the period 2002-2004 was
developed for the CTHRC based
on the Council’s renewed
vision, mission and mandate.
The Strategic Plan is a
culmination of the outputs of
two visioning sessions held by
the Council in 2001to determine
the way forward.

The plan outlines the four broad
goals of the Council for its next
3 years of operations which are
as follows:

1. Improve the quality,
relevance and access to
human resource
development in the tourism
industry through the
development of a
Caribbean Tourism
Learning System.

2. Promote the pooling,
sharing and accessibility of
tourism information and
training resources through
the development of a
Tourism Human Resources
Centre and Clearinghouse.

3. Build regional consensus
regarding the role of
“Sector Councils”, and
gain recognition and
acceptance of the CTHRC
as the Tourism Sector
4. Strengthen the Council
both operationally and
financially so that it can
successfully achieve its
stated objectives.
In addition, it outlines the core
areas of focus of the Council
for the 3 year period some of
which are:
- To raise the level of
professionalism of tourism
workers by fostering a
training culture and
promoting the benefits of
tourism education


- Inculcating a culture of
service quality and
excellence throughout the
region which will be
emphasized in all tourism
education and training
programmes in the region.

- Facilitating development and
use of occupational standards
in industry based training and
in the curricula in the formal
system of education.

- Working to improve the
quality and efficiency of
tourism education and
training providers (both
public and private) in the

- Supporting appropriate levels
of tourism awareness,
education and training at all
levels of the formal education

For each of the goals and
objectives listed in the plan,
Workplan Tactics have been
outlined as well as Performance
Indicators and Outputs.

The entire Strategic Plan can
be viewed on the CTHRC
link of the CTO intranet site,