More Than 500 Volunteers Helped Clean The Beaches During The “9th Aruba Reef Care Project”

Mr. Castro Perez, the organizer of the Aruba Reef Care Project is very happy with the results and the interest showed by the volunteers during the recent clean up. More than 500 volunteers, including some school children helped clean up the Aruban beaches, while several dive groups cleaned up in the water and sea bottom.
A total of 18 groups participated with Aruba Fly’n Dive as the largest group with 38 volunteers. The amount of dirt collected, was less than the prior years, which shows that the awareness message is being taken into consideration by the beach users.
Next year the project will be celebrating its 10th anniversary a special celebration is planned with a stronger focus on the protection of the Marine Life. The organizers hereby invite everyone who would like to participate or would like to give their input or ideas/suggestions. Please contact Mr. Castro Perez at e-mail [email protected].