BHTA: Two Hundred Workers Trained

Since the inception of the CSSTP workshops in November last year, over two hundred tourism workers have been trained. Members should register early to secure space for their employees.
The BHTA in association with TVET Council has embarked on a Customer Service Strategies Training program that will be conducted by veteran tourism consultant May Hinds. The cost is $250 for BHTA members.
“It isn’t so much the hotels or the beaches that matter. It’s always the people to people contact that makes the big difference in tourism,” Ms. Hinds noted as she stressed the need for training in the tourism industry.
Participants in the workshop will be taught critical issues such as recognising types of customer behaviour, tourism awareness, overview of customer service, building a quality service team, communications and a special “sample the product” component. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate and be recognized as “Customer Service Champions.”
Call 426-5041 or 438-5056 to register.