Angostura Tobago Sail Week 2002

The Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association proudly announces the Angostura Tobago Sail Week to be held on May 12-17, 2002 at Crown Point Beach Hotel, Tobago, West Indies.  This programme has been prepared as an overview of the agenda and activities of the Regatta and the contents are for promotional purposes.  The final race courses, sailing instructions, and detail schedules will be presented in a separate document.

The Regatta will be governed by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Racing Rules of Sailing for 2001-2004, hereafter referred to as Racing Rules, the prescriptions of the TTSA, and the issued Sailing Instructions.  The regatta is classified as a Category C Event, Racing Rules Appendix 1.

Eligible boats may be entered by completing registration with the TTSA (US$100 fee).  Entry forms may be obtained from the TTSA beforehand or from the Committee Desk at Crown Point Hotel, and must be handed in at the Committee Desk no later than 1800 hours on the Saturday May 11th, 2002 (late entries may be entertained at the discretion of the Race Committee).  Sailing Instructions will be available from TTSA from 10 March 2002.

The Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association (TTSA), and Angostura welcome all sailors to the friendliest regatta in the Caribbean, the twentieth annual Tobago Sail Week to be held at Crown Point Beach Hotel at Store Bay in Tobago on May 12 to 17, 2002.  Along with the highly competitive racing classes, the charter class and the more casual comfort cruising class, there will be a lot of “after the race” parties and fun activities with friends at the Regatta Village.

Throughout the year, TTSA will be preparing to make this Regatta one of the highlights of the Caribbean Regatta circuit and the staff will be available to provide information and assistance.  Please call the Regatta office in Chaguaramas, Trinidad or surf over to the TTSA internet web site for registration and up-to-date information.