Now Caribbean Star Makes Stand-By Flying - An Attractive Alternative

Caribbean Star Airlines recently launched an innovative and very historic travel option for the general public. Effective May 1st to June 21st 2002, regional travellers who may need to suddenly fly to various Caribbean islands can now choose the option of travelling ‘STAND-BY,’ at a reduced, one-way fare, from as low as US$25.00.

Essentially, the offer will allow travellers to fly between certain groups of islands for just US$25.00 one-way. The islands will be grouped as follows:

Group A: Anguilla; Antigua; Dominica; St. Maarten; St. Kitts; Nevis and Tortola.

Group B: Dominica; Guyana; Trinidad & Tobago; St. Vincent; St. Lucia; Barbados and Grenada.

Travel within Group A or B will be just US$25.00 one-way and between Groups A and B - US$50.00 one-way, plus taxes. There will be the usual travel restrictions, where the return fares must be the same amount and return tickets must be booked and purchased prior to travel. The maximum stay must be 10 days and the tickets must be purchased 60 minutes before departure.


According to the CEO, Paul Moreira, ” Caribbean Star is committed to providing the Caribbean public with a host of affordable travel options. On many occasions when business or leisure travellers need to suddenly travel between the islands at a moment’s notice, the STAND-BY offer is designed to satisfy this need. The offer will also stimulate intra-regional travel, e.g. Weekend getaways, one-day excursions for Cricket etc.”

The offer is available from May 1st to June 21st and will be offered to all the Caribbean Star destinations, with the exception of Barbados and St. Maarten.

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