Official to Travel From Cuba For CTO`s Caribbean Week in New York

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has made a breakthrough in its efforts to have Cuban-based tourism officials attend CTO functions in the United States.
The Coordinator of International Affairs in Cuba’s Ministry of Tourism, Orlando Rangel Delgado, has secured a US visa to attend Caribbean Week in New York from May 28 - 31.
It is the first time in the history of Caribbean Week that a tourism official traveling from Cuba will attend the event.

“This is an historic breakthrough since never before have we been able to get US permission for a tourism official from Cuba to attend our New York meeting,” says Jean Holder, CTO’s Secretary General. “We’ve been trying since Cuba joined the CTO in 1992, but we have been unsuccessful up to this time. We are very, very happy that Mr. Rangel will be able to attend this year’s event especially since this will be a very special year in which CTO will be celebrating 50 years of Caribbean tourism.”
Mr. Rangel is one of 50 individuals whom the CTO will honour for their contributions to Caribbean tourism. The awards will be presented at a special commemorative ceremony that will take place at the 29th Annual Governments of the Caribbean State Ball on Friday, May 31, 2002 at the Waldorf-Astoria.
In the past, Cuba has been represented at CTO meetings in New York by its ambassador to the United Nations or other US-based officials.
The Caribbean Tourism Organization is the region’s tourism development agency comprising 32 member governments and a myriad of private sector companies with headquarters in Barbados and marketing operations in New York, London and Toronto.