Caribbean Star Airline Cuts Fares

ST JOHNS, Antigua, April 4,—Catch The Star As Fares Fall At Caribbean Star Airlines. Caribbean Star Airlines hs launched a regional media campaign offering their lowest fares to date. If ever the success of a campaign was to be put to the test, it is now, in a climate of falling fares. However, Reservations has reported that flights are booked solid for the next two weeks. This is a good sign for the airline as loads are showing full even before and after the Easter weekend, which is normally quite a busy period for airlines.

Paul Moreira, Caribbean Star`s CEO, says it is the intention of the airline to be competitive. Since its first flight in October 2000, the Star has been offering great inflight service, convenient schedules, new destinations and better fares. He says that the airline continues to develop new products to give the airline the edge. One such product is the Star Vacations package which is due to be launched in April. This package will offer complete, reasonably priced vacation packages allowing passengers to choose from over 100 beautiful properties throughout the islands.

The airline`s courier service, Starpac, is another innovative product that has become very popular since its launch. Starpac is an efficient, cost effective and dependable courier option. Customers can have small packages to cargo delivered to any of the 12 and soon to be 14 destinations to which the airline flies.

The airline is about much more than great fares and is truly integrated into the Caribbean landscape as it continues to get involved in many of the regional events, carnivals, music festivals and sports. For more information on the airline`s fares, products, schedules, and regional events, log on to
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