The Caribbean Tourism Organisation - a new look for 2002!

The Caribbean Tourism Organisation - UK Chapter unveils new look for 2002 as a result of planned creative review and research programme.

The new imagery - which uses a rainbow of colours and a refreshing font captures the vibrancy and mood of the Caribbean region - whilst also communicating the depth and diversity of all 34 countries.

The logo is accompanied by the line `Everything you want it to be` which further encourages anyone who has a particular image of the Caribbean - be it sun, sea and sand, good for diving and sailing or a honeymoon location - to realise that the Caribbean region is as diverse and broad in its culture, customs and way of life as the number of countries and islands within it.

Jo Spalburg, Caribbean Tourism Organisation Marketing Director for UK and Europe said:
“The new look for 2002 is perfect, as it shows people just how diverse and interesting the Caribbean region really is. It communicates very simply - via colour and font that whatever you want from a trip or holiday - you need look no further than one of the countries within the Caribbean!”