Gelco enhances ExpenseLink Direct 6.0

Gelco Information Network, a company that provides travel-expense management services for corporations, upgraded its Web expense-reporting tool.

The updated product, ExpenseLink Direct 6.0, features a voice interface that enables business travelers to enter expenses via cellular phone and includes euro integration. The upgrade is free for all ExpenseLink customers.

The voice interface is a feature for frequent business travelers who want to enter expenses as they occur, the firm said. For example, a traveler can take a cab ride, call a specific number on a cellular phone, enter a password and create an expense report for the fare.

The traveler gives the nature of the expense, the cost and the date. When he or she returns to the office, that information is present in written format as an electronic expense report.

The updated ExpenseLink not only incorporates the euro but also calculates the traveler`s reimbursement, depending on the currency received as change.


For example, if a traveler in France spends 10 euros and gets two francs back as change, ExpenseLink calculates what the traveler should be reimbursed in dollars.

ExpenseLink also calculates value-added tax reclamation. Once an amount is calculated, a corporation can contact the tax service bureau in a particular country and start the reimbursement process.

Another feature of Expense-Link 6.0 is the ability to install a Web server on a laptop.

With this feature, Gelco said travelers can enter expenses in Web format without having to access the Internet, a feature that could come in handy for those who want to file their expense report on an airplane.

The updated ExpenseLink also features an Internet bulletin board where travel managers can share ideas about expense management.