Atlas Travel upgrades e-ticket tracking system

Atlas Travel International enhanced its electronic ticket-tracking system by automating the entire process, according to Rock Blanco, chief technology officer.

Atlas has been tracking unused e-tickets for corporate accounts since 1995.

The old process involved a manual step by which information in the e-ticket bank had to be examined and re-entered into the business traveler`s profile in the CRS, Blanco said.

The new process automatically links the e-ticket bank with the CRS and takes into account the type of fare, Blanco said. For example, if the traveler has not used a nonrefundable $600 ticket, and the airline`s re-issue fee is $100, the traveler`s credit will be displayed in his or her profile as $500, Blanco said.

The unused ticket information includes the value of the ticket and its expiration date.


If a travel agent buys a new ticket instead of using the unused e-ticket, the system will send the agent an e-mail notice of the error, Blanco said.