Gestation Inc. Signs With Compaq.

Gestation Inc., a travel technology and enterprise solutions provider, has signed an Agent Agreement with Compaq Computer Corporation.

Gestation will provide a database of tour products and an intuitive interface for travel agents that will be deployed on Compaq`s Zero Latency Enterprise (ZLE) technology. Leisure travel suppliers, operators, and retailers will benefit with reduced transactional costs, increased real-time access to information, and greatly enhanced marketing and sales capabilities.

Gestation will offer enterprise systems solutions to industry suppliers that are cheaper, faster, simpler, open and highly flexible. By delivering Compaq`s ZLE architecture on the NonStop Himalaya server platform, travel agents will benefit from the real time execution of formerly costly and time-consuming manual processes. Simplified customer relationship management tools, additional hotel applications, and a network for companies to exchange and share information are some of the specific enhancements planned for this industry.

In addition, Gestation will provide outsourcing and hosting of the facilities and applications for travel companies. This will further reduce the financial barrier to entry for smaller leisure travel companies.

Gestation`s vision of the future includes a collaborative selling environment with connectivity among suppliers, retailers and consumers. Gestation, a company dedicated to the travel industry and travel technology solutions, has been laying the groundwork, over the last few years, for a full-scale deployment of this technology and related technologies and applications.