Aptrix Technology For BA Intranet.

British Airways Intranet has recently decided to opt for Aptrix Multiplatform technology.

Intranet Manager Steve Armitage said, “Aptrix Multi-Platform has brought efficiency and quality to the design and management of our intranet and greatly enhanced its value as an employee communications channel. It’s a leading-edge solution that’s getting the right information to the right employee at the right time. We are also leveraging our investment in Lotus, as Aptrix Multi-Platform fits well into our Lotus environment.”

Aptrix Multi-Platform’s ability to use the airline’s investment in Lotus was, in fact, a key reason for Presence Online’s content management solution being chosen. “A manager in customer services creating a customer services news page, for example, uses the departmental news page template and enters ‘customer services news’ in the category box,” explains Armitage. “When the customer services home page checks for news items it recognises the new page and automatically adds it to the site.” Ensuring quality control, the creation of a web page also goes through a workflow process before being published on the site. A web page typically goes from its author to one or several pre-selected approvers who are responsible for checking that information before it goes live.