Airline Surveys from Sabre Virtually There Reveal Holiday Air Travel Plans

Two surveys were conducted
recently through the Sabre Virtually There travel resource to determine traveller and airport holiday/new year
trends and issues.  The top findings indicated that 73 percent of responding
travelers will travel by air during the upcoming holidays and 84 percent will
travel by air in the first quarter of 2002.  Airlines surveyed indicated that
75 percent of domestic and 69 percent of international airlines request
carry-on gifts be unwrapped.

Traveller Survey

  The travelller survey was sent via the November 13 monthly Virtually There
traveler e-newsletter and results were based on a sample of 1,000 people
worldwide.  Travellers who completed the survey use the Virtually There
personalized itinerary, travel information and special features to make and
update travel plans.
“Despite recent events and security issues travelers face at airports,
those surveyed firmly expressed their plans to continue to travel by air this
holiday season and into 2002,” said Calvin Evanoff, senior vice president and
general manager for Sabre Virtually There.  “We gain access to the pulse of
traveler behavior and plans through Virtually There since it is the largest
single source of confirmed travelers.”

Other results from the survey:

  —64 percent of those surveyed have traveled by air since Sept. 11

  —81 percent plan to travel for the holidays

  —73 percent are planning to travel by air between now and
    January 5, 2002

  —59 percent are going to travel by car during the holidays

  —51 percent plan to travel during the holidays to visit friends and/or
    family, while 47 percent plan to travel on business

  —49 percent of those surveyed were most concerned about safety/security
    of air travel; however, 86 percent of the respondents said their
    concern was not high enough not to travel by air

  —68 percent of respondents arrived at the airport two hours prior to
    their flight since Sept. 11, but 51 percent found they actually needed
    one hour or less at the airport prior to the flight

Holiday Packages Global Airlines Survey

  The Sabre business group supporting Virtually There commissioned a survey
of 12 domestic airlines and 13 international airlines to gauge current rules
and regulations for traveling with holiday gifts this year.  The results will
ensure travelers smoothly maneuver through long security lines.
Domestic airlines results:

  —25 percent of airlines said that they would permit wrapped gifts to be
    carried on

  —50 percent of domestic airlines said that if a gift is checked-in, it
    could be wrapped

  —42 percent of domestic airlines said gifts should be unwrapped if

  —50 percent said that it was acceptable to use foil wrapping paper on

  —When asked what gifts would not be allowed as carry-on items, answers
    included manicure sets, nail-clippers, knives, razors or anything sharp

International airlines results:

  —84 percent stated that they would permit wrapped gifts to be checked-in

  —31 percent said wrapped gifts will be permitted as part of carry-on

  —54 percent said using foil wrapping paper will be permitted

  —No gifts that are sharp will be permitted as carry-on items

  —Most airlines prefer that gifts be checked-in


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