Travelflex Releases New CRM System.

Travel agency back and mid office systems provider, Travelflex, is the first to integrate a CRM module within its back office product. The latest version of the Travelflex Discovery system, released today, includes integrated CRM functionality that helps agencies to monitor their clients.

There is growing recognition in the travel industry that full integration of CRM, rather than as a bolt-on to existing technology and processes, is essential for it to play an effective role in a company`s overall business strategy. CRM has to be seen as an evolving initiative that allows travel companies to understand fully their clients` changing needs. This in turn enables travel companies to increase revenues and at the same time to manage their cost bases efficiently.

According to a report commissioned by KPMG, more than 80% of travel companies see CRM as key contributor to the future success of their business. Despite that, companies have often given a poor level of attention to customer service within CRM programmes. Travelflex recognizes that an integrated CRM facility is of particular importance in this period of uncertainty for the travel industry because, without an integrated customer data resource, delivering the required quality of customer services and support is much more difficult.

Travelflex will be adding further important functions that allow analytical CRM/customer behaviour modelling and market segmentation in its next release. The Discovery system already offers Accounts, Comprehensive Transaction Fee solutions, a Web Interface and full integration with all leading CRS and ViewData.