Sabre Selects Sun For eMergo ASP.

Sabre has selected Sun as the preferred computing platform for its ASP offering, Sabre eMergo Web-enabled and dedicated network solutions.

The eMergo solutions provide small and mid-sized carriers with access, via the Internet, to many Sabre leading software solutions, such as crew management, fare pricing and flight scheduling tools, without the expense of creating and managing an in-house data center. Airlines benefit from fixed, predictable pricing and the ability to focus on running their core business instead of on in-house IT management issues. Sabre is deploying the eMergo solutions on robust hardware from Sun, including the Sun Enterprise 6500 and 420R servers running the Solaris 8 Operating Environment. Sun Professional Services and Sun Enterprise Services are assisting Sabre in project management and employee training.

Sabre is a member of the SunTone Certification and Branding program and is pursuing SunTone certification of its eMergo solutions. As a program member, Sabre supports the objectives of the SunTone program, which assists companies in providing Internet-based services and applications that are secure, reliable and available. Led by Sun, the SunTone program is the industry`s first collaborative effort to define and audit service provider infrastructure, operational practices, hardware and applications for quality service delivery.

The eMergo solution is aimed at the small to medium-sized carrier market representing over 450 airlines with an overall IT spend of more than $3 billion. The company has secured several customers to date. Sun and Sabre are teaming on sales opportunities, leveraging the combined capabilities, products and services of both companies.