Hotwire Doubles hotel Markets.

Hotwire has doubled its number of hotel markets this week, giving travelers even more options for saving money this holiday season.

Hotwire now sells specially negotiated Hot-Rates in 125 U.S. cities, with 75 more market additions scheduled in the coming weeks. The new markets make it even easier for bargain hunters to find great deals in top hotels and resorts all over the country, saving up to 70% off published rates.

Launched in January 2001, Hotwire hotels are the fastest-growing Hotwire product, with sales currently growing at a pace of 40% a month. Hotwire works with more than 2000 top hotels nationwide to offer specially negotiated Hot-Rates. For travelers who don`t need to choose their specific hotel, Hotwire can offer significant discounts—even at the last minute. It works because Hotwire delivers hotels incremental revenue from rooms that would otherwise be empty.