Hawaiian and National Take AirlineAutomation E-marketing Solution.

Airline Automation has introduced a new E-marketing solution called Email+Plus and its first two buyers—Hawaiian Airlines and National Airlines.
Email+Plus provides a turnkey, fully hosted email product that includes email address extraction from computerized PNRs, email distribution, and email address database management.

First, Email+Plus extracts email addresses from an airline`s PNRs and aggregates these emails over time. “We`ve seen email extraction rates anywhere from 3% to 15% out of airline PNRs. Collecting and managing these addresses will rather quickly grow a highly-responsive email list for the carrier,” according to Kelly McCullough, VP of Marketing at AAI. This is just a part of an overall e-marketing strategy that involves extracting emails from PNRs then communicating on a one-to-one basis with each customer who is motivated to receive air and vacation specials.

Email+Plus includes email distribution (on-peak or off-peak) in either HTML or text formats. Email+Plus also includes email list management—from tracking bounce-backs, rejects and unsubscribes to inclusion of internal and frequent flyer program emails into the email data mart for complete list management.

“With Email+Plus we not only grow our email database from PNR data, but we also integrate our frequent flyer email data to segment the file and present more highly targeted offers to improve response. Email+Plus also offers an excellent way for us to reach our customer base effectively and at low-cost,” said Rick Peterson, Sr. Director E-Business & Marketing Programs for Hawaiian Airlines.

“We are always looking for ways to enhance our direct relationship with the customer in a way which is efficient from a cost and a timing standpoint,” said Gina Lind, Director of Marketing for National Airlines.