Newtrade Technologies Inc. Signs Distribution Agreement with Worldspan

Newtrade Technologies Inc., the travel commerce machinery company, announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Worldspan, a leading GDS (Global Distribution System) and e-commerce provider for the travel industry worldwide.

Under the terms of the agreement, hotels that use Newtrade`s solutions will benefit from extended visibility and increased bookings as their products are offered to Worldspan`s network of over 20,000 travel agent locations worldwide. 
“It is essential that our customers receive maximum exposure with the travel agent community, that their operating procedures be simplified and that their market share be enhanced. Our technology answers these needs and, via our agreement with Worldspan, we will be able to bring them additional visibility and reservations,” stated Barry Gleason, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing.

In addition to the Worldspan agreement, Newtrade recently signed agreements with other GDS companies to provide its hotel customers greater visibility and ultimately, increase the potential number of buyers for their products. Newtrade`s distribution and e-channel management solutions offers direct, seamless GDS connectivity to reservation and inventory management systems, automates the process from end-to-end and delivers the most flexible and complete solutions to any hotel`s needs.

Newtrade Technologies Inc. unlocks the potential trapped in the complex process of buying and selling travel. It builds and markets advanced systems that streamline travel, tourism and hospitality commerce. Newtrade`s passion for tackling the “dirty work” of disparate systems integration (PMS, CRS, GDS, Web, wireless, etc.) enables industry players to profit from an array of online channel management solutions, unprecedented control over their supply and distribution network, and efficient seamless connectivity.