SCS Technology Helps NYC & Company.

NYC & Company, New York City`s official tourism marketing organization, and SolarNet (Solars Computing Systems Inc.), have announced today the launch of NYC & Company`s NewsWire.

NYC & Company`s NewsWire is a source of real-time information from the New York City hospitality and travel industry that is now available to 95% of the world`s retail travel agents through SolarNet`s GDS connectivity and its interactive communication tool NewsWire.

NewsWire allows a travel agent to view NYC & Company`s daily bulletins from any GDS terminal. Should an agent want more information on a specific bulletin they can simply type “M” for “MAIL” on any GDS terminal and a one-way messaging function enables the agent to send an information request email back to NYC & Company.

In order to help stimulate the New York City tourism recovery, NYC & Company along with the entire NYC hospitality and travel community have created NYC Freedom Packages, offering the very best of New York at unprecedented prices. NYC & Company (formerly known as the New York Convention & Visitors Bureau) is New York City`s official tourism marketing organization. The mission of NYC & Company is to enhance New York`s economy by marketing the city on a worldwide basis as the premier destination for business and leisure travel. A private, non-profit organization, NYC & Company has a membership of more than 1,300 businesses, including museums, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, theaters, tour organizations, and attractions. It has a current budget of $12 million, roughly 48 percent of which is contributed by the City of New York.