Dolce International Implements SynXis Product Suite.

SynXis Corporation, a provider of reservation management and electronic distribution technology for the hospitality industry, has announced that leading conference center-company Dolce International is implementing SynXis Agent`s full suite of products for 14 of its conference centers.

Dolce`s global portfolio includes hotels resorts and conference centers with branded properties in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. SynXis Agent`s advanced technology provides Dolce International with the ability to manage room availability and rates for all properties from a single location through a high-speed Internet connection. Guests will now have the most accurate and up-to-date information about the properties wherever and whenever they are researching travel information.

SynXis Agent provides the centers with reporting features that were not available before, making yield management easier to track. With the full suite of products, Dolce will connect to all distribution channels, including seamless connectivity to GDSs through a new chain code, YX. They will also have complete reservations capabilities through their Web site, access to Internet travel sites, and the ability to establish a central reservation system to serve all properties around the world when they are ready.

The Group Block Management feature makes conference and meeting planners` jobs easier by maintaining accommodations for attendees from year to year online, allowing updates to be made even if the conference center staff is unavailable.