Winnercomm Technology For FHS.

Outdoor Intelligence, the exclusive source for the ever-increasing library of digitized information from Fishing Hot Spots (FHS), is to use Winnercomm Map Server technology. (11/29/2001)
Winnercomm provides the highest quality television programming, commercial production, broadcast graphics, animation, interactive media and advertising to clients and, through this agreement, will be making the Outdoor Intelligence Map Server available via the Internet.

Outdoor Intelligence`s Map Server delivers the world-class FHS maps and information to site visitors with a number of benefits custom-tailored for use via the Internet:

—Full navigation of fishing maps from any browser, including complete N, S, E, W panning and five different zoom resolutions.

—Maps include marked “Hot Spots” with complete descriptions and “Go There” options to help anglers get on the fish fast.

—Users can select a profile of the lake, fishery information as well as access and facility locations.

—Visitors to sites featuring the map server will also be able to print maps directly from their browser.

“Winnercomm has been a leading supplier of media content for many years, and we believe our Map Server will provide yet another excellent source of customized information,” said Rich Hoops, president and CEO, Outdoor Intelligence. “Through our relationship with Fishing Hot Spots, we`re able to combine their library of digital fishing map data with our proprietary map server technology to provide Winnercomm with digitized maps for more bodies of water and with greater detail than any other source,” he added.

Through Outdoor Intelligence`s Map Server, Winnercomm will have access to an ever-expanding library of digitized maps of lakes, reservoirs and rivers throughout the U.S. and the Province of Ontario, Canada. These online maps provide accurate, detailed information, including contours, structure, boat landings, marinas, flooded timber and weedbeds. Anglers after just about any species of fish will find Outdoor Intelligence digital maps have all the details needed to eliminate unproductive water and head straight for the action.

“The OIMS (Outdoor Intelligence Map Server) is an exciting addition to our offerings and will have great appeal to anyone looking to attract outdoor enthusiasts,” said Winnercomm`s Ed Scheff, executive editor of “Outdoor Intelligence is the only source for digitized fishing maps that provide the detail and wide selection of fishable waters we need,” he added.





Formed earlier this year, Outdoor Intelligence, LLC, is bringing maps and information for more then 300 bodies of water to new digital technologies and formats, providing anglers across the country with tools and information never before available. The exclusive source of digitized data from Fishing Hot Spots Inc., which boasts the nation`s largest collection of freshwater maps and fishing information, Outdoor Intelligence is based in Boulder, Colo., and led by a seasoned management team with experience from leading technology companies.