Tenzing Communications Extends Global Reach to South America.

Tenzing`s email and Web service has been launched on Brazil’s Varig Airlines.

The system has been installed on the first of Varig’s fleet of six new 777 aircraft, which will enable passengers to send and receive email while in flight. The first pre-passenger launch flight traveled from Rio de Janeiro to Porto Alegre and return on Tuesday, 13th November.

Available in the first quarter of next year, passengers will access the service by plugging their laptops into VARIG`s inflight entertainment system, the new MAS 3000 provided by Matsushita and equipped with a Tenzing server, and dialing into the Tenzing Global network. Users can register at the Tenzing or VARIG Web sites or by using CDs provided in the VARIG passenger lounges.

The Tenzing system is compatible with PCs, Macs, and PDAs. Tenzing has negotiated with several U.S. and international carriers regarding implementation of the Tenzing system, and is currently deployed on several aircraft.