Travelocity Polls December Travelers.

Now the Thanksgiving holiday is over, what of travel plans for Christmas?
The same number of travelers are planning holiday trips this December as they did in 2000, according to a recent online poll by More travelers indicated they will be traveling via air and venturing overseas this holiday, compared to 2000. And new airport security measures haven`t deterred consumers from traveling this holiday season, according to the survey.

More than 1,100 Travelocity members responded to questions about their December holiday travel and were asked to compare their current plans to last year. The December Holiday Travel Poll found:

—About 57 percent of survey respondents said they would travel to be with family or take a vacation, compared to 58 percent last year.

—83 percent said that their plans to travel have not changed as a result of recent events.

—72 percent of people planning to travel are flying in 2001, compared to 65 percent last year.

—Approximately 33 percent of travelers have chosen international destinations, in contrast to 28 percent in 2000; while 67 percent will stay in the United States, compared to 72 percent last year. Top international destinations are Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico.

—77 percent of travelers said new airport security measures do not affect their likelihood to travel this holiday season.

“Not only are people planning on traveling during the holidays this year, but they are flying and staying in hotels in higher numbers,” said Terrell B. Jones, president and chief executive officer of “What`s more, those travelers who are undecided may find some great last-minute bargains as airlines relax some of their travel restrictions, such as advance purchase and Saturday night stay requirements.”

Additional Poll Findings
Significant survey findings also include:


—More travelers will be staying in hotels, bed & breakfasts or vacation rentals—Of those surveyed, 50 percent plan to stay somewhere besides a family or friend`s home, compared to 43 percent last year.

—Almost one in five respondents (17 percent) remain undecided about traveling this holiday.

—Of those planning not to travel, 57 percent cite cost and weather concerns; only 17 percent indicate concern over security, congestion or the state of the economy.

—Majority of travelers haven`t finalized their plans - Of those intending to travel this December, 67 percent stated they hadn`t completed their holiday travel arrangements; of that number, 54 percent will firm up plans by the end of November.

—Personal vehicle and rental car use has dropped—The number of people planning on driving dropped to 21 percent from 33 percent last year.

—Travelers adjusting plans due to recent events state how plans have changed, including:

—closer location (19 percent);

—wasn`t planning to travel but now plan to be with family/friends (16 percent);
—type of transportation (16 percent);

—planned to be with family/friends but now staying home (13 percent);

—planned to take personal vacation but now staying home (11 percent);

—shorter trip (10 percent);

—planned to take personal vacation but now plan to be with family/friends (8 percent); and

—longer trip (5 percent). requested survey participation via the company`s regular e-mail newsletters. Respondents were asked to compare their travel plans of Dec. 18-28, 2001, versus Dec. 19-29, 2000. Data was collected from Oct. 24-29, 2001. A total of 1,154 members participated. To ensure data quality, duplicated responses were omitted from final findings. Full details of the survey can be found at: