Crossair Embraces UATP.

Washington, DC-Universal Air Travel Plan, Inc. (UATP) has announced that the emerging flag carrier of Switzerland, Crossair, will work to maintain UATP as the dominant corporate form of payment for air tickets in Switzerland.

As the basis to build and track corporate loyalty agreements, Crossair has formed a partnership with AirPlus International. AirPlus operates the largest portfolio of UATP accounts.

Dr. Michael Peine, Managing Director of AirPlus International, said, “The partnership we have built with Crossair will allow its corporate customers to receive detailed data and robust reporting via our various UATP enhanced product offerings.” Stefan Gutknecht, Vice-President Sales & Marketing for Crossair, said, “We feel UATP`s role in the Switzerland corporate marketplace is important to preserve. We will continue to embrace UATP as a partner in establishing ourselves as the flag carrier of Switzerland.”

Richard Crum, UATP President and Chairman, said, “Crossair has been a member of the UATP global acceptance network for years. We are pleased with their renewed commitment and increased recognition of UATP`s benefits to the airlines and corporations which use the card as a preferred form of payment.”