Airport Delay Survey.

After conducting more than 500 in-airport surveys, clocking wait times at ticket counters and security checkpoints on Tuesday and Wednesday, says airport waits were shorter than expected for pre-Thanksgiving travel.

But, with the Sunday after Thanksgiving also expected to be a very busy travel day of the year, Travelocity was advising travelers to do as they did on the way to their destination: get to the airport early and be ready for the possibility of delays.

“We were pleasantly surprised that the longest security wait in the entire system was two hours—at one terminal at New York-LaGuardia—and that at most airports the lines moved very quickly,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Terrell Jones. “In particular, Denver, which our pre-Thanksgiving polls indicated had the longest security waits, was among the most trouble-free.”

Some of the findings include:

—Longest waits were at security checkpoints at New York-LaGuardia`s Delta Terminal, followed by Terminal 1 at Los Angeles.

—Longest average wait times were at LaGuardia (with average wait times of 80 minutes), Los Angeles (47 minutes), New York-Kennedy (39 minutes) and Newark (35 minutes).
—Shortest average security waits were at Washington-Dulles (4 minutes), Chicago (5 minutes), Denver (6 minutes), Washington-National (7 minutes) and Orlando (7 minutes).


Travelocity plans to repeat its monitoring at 20 airports on Nov. 25, updating its home page and web site with up-to-the minute information on security and ticket-counter delays. In the meantime, travelers should log on to see how their departure city for Sunday fared on Wednesday.


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