SITA Assist CRM Solution for the Air Transport Industry.

SITA has signed an agreement with eAssist Global Solutions Inc. to provide the first low-cost integrated CRM customer care solution for the air transport industry. 

Airlines of all sizes can reap immediate benefit from using the modular system while minimizing the investment needed. “Mindshare” is a subscription-based application which allows airlines, travel agents and other transport providers to cut costs in operating call centers and build revenue by e-enabling and integrating their customer support facilities. Customers will be able to increase loyalty by building knowledge of their passengers and tailoring support and offerings to suit individual preferences. The system can also be used to help airlines address security concerns by allowing them to store and develop passenger profiles. At the same time, they can reduce passenger acquisition, retention and support costs.

“Mindshare” provides a customer-centric framework that enables airlines to improve their operations without having to replace their existing legacy systems. With a full spectrum of customer support capabilities, airlines will be able to provide consistent customer care, across multiple facilities and locations and through multiple channels such as phone, e-mail, kiosk or Internet. In one unified interface, agents see a complete, holistic view of the customer and are directed with appropriate responses to the enquiry. This enables them to serve customers more effectively, while streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

SITA will offer the joint solution as a fully managed ASP model to the air transport industry across the world`s largest network. The customer care solution joins SITA`s extensive portfolio of passenger services provided to airlines worldwide. SITA offers fully hosted services covering applications for online booking, reservations, electronic and interline e-ticketing, inventory management, departure control, passenger revenue accounting, revenue management services, business intelligence and other e-commerce solutions. In addition to passenger services, SITA provides a range of application services for airports, airfreight, aircraft design and maintenance, flight operations and aircraft communications.