SAS Launches New UATP Program

Universal Air Travel Plan, Inc. (UATP)have announced the launch of a new UATP program by Scandinavian Airlines
System (SAS) in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. 
The program, named SAS
Corporate Card, is a complete solution simplifying travel and travel
administration for corporations.
SAS Corporate Card is a flexible product designed for small and medium-
size companies.  The UATP platform provides the most detailed ticket-level
data in the industry, regardless of which UATP member airline worldwide the
business traveler flies.  The SAS Corporate Card is available as a walking
card, or as a lodged account for travel booked through a preferred travel
manager or agency, SAS telephone sales or the SAS Web site at

A unique customer profile maintains the correct UATP
form of payment for all sales channels.  The UATP functionality provides
greater control and accountability, as well as ease in reconciliation of all
air-travel expenses, regardless of the purchasing channel.
The SAS Corporate Card is also available as a multi-function card for
payment of other travel and entertainment expenses.  Incorporating the UATP
corporate payment system with a co-branding arrangement with MasterCard, the
SAS Corporate Card allows purchases other than airfare to be charged.  The
program offers companies increased control over travel-related costs with
combined and detailed data of all purchases, regardless of location, type of
purchase or sales channel used.  Customers receive a single, shared invoice
for all purchases and may also retrieve account information and reports from a
dedicated Internet site.
Hakan Olsson, Director SAS Corporate Card, said, “The UATP corporate
payment system provides the platform for SAS to offer favorable solutions to
corporate customers.  The SAS Corporate Card is a total solution for companies
and lowers the cost of business travel, regardless of which airline the
customer elects to travel.”
Richard Crum, UATP President and Chairman, said, “We are pleased with the
launch and attractive benefits of the SAS UATP card program.  Scandinavian
corporations subscribing to the program will now benefit from the worldwide
acceptance of UATP.”
Universal Air Travel Plan Inc., formerly known as Air Travel Card(R), is
the world`s first business travel payment system.  Founded in 1936, UATP was
an innovator in the charge card industry, developing such standards as the
magnetic strip and lodged accounts.  With annual global billings over USD 8
billion, UATP is owned and operated by each card-issuing airline and accepted
by virtually every airline in the world. 
UATP offers the most complete data
and lowest administrative cost of any charge product and is the industry`s own
solution to combat rising credit card costs.  Multi-national corporations,
including 73 percent of the Top 100 Global, utilize UATP to better manage
travel expenses. 
Airlines currently issuing UATP accounts include Aer Lingus,
Air New Zealand, Alitalia, American Airlines (NYSE: AMR), Austrian Airlines,
British Airways (NYSE: BAB), Continental (NYSE: CAL), Delta Air Lines (NYSE:
DAL), Japan Airlines (Nasdaq: JAPNY), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (NYSE: KLM),
Lufthansa German Airlines, QANTAS, Scandinavian Airlines System, Swissair,
United Airlines (NYSE: UAL) and US Airways (NYSE: U).  For more information,