Ramesys Forms Strategic Relationship With Hitachi Telecom

Ramesys Hospitality Inc, a leading provider of IT solutions to the economy/budget, mid and resort lodging industry, announces that it has recently joined in a strategic relationship with Hitachi Telecom (USA, Inc.) in order to expand the telecommunications solutions it offers.

Hitachi Telecom solutions, which will be marketed to the hospitality industry US-wide by Ramesys, can handle the telecom (PBX) needs of any property.
The systems feature property management system (PMS) interfaces and the ability to handle T1 and ISDN communication. From economy to luxury hotels, Hitachi systems provide high quality guest services while helping the property manage costs. Hitachi, which entered the telecommunications sector over 30 years ago, has been the market leader in PBX lines shipped to the lodging industry for five years running.

Hitachi most recently introduced an expansion to its HCX5100 PBX, which is targeted at small to mid-size properties. Previously, the HCX5100 had a capacity of 512 lines. With the expansion, the PBX has an increased capacity of 768 lines and includes all of the features found in Hitachi`s newest PBX switch, the HCX5000i. Ramesys, which has a strong, established customer network in the target market for the HCX5100, will create additional opportunities to disseminate Hitachi`s products to the lodging industry.