Innovative Hotel Application Featured At Macromedia Developer Conference

iHotelier and its parent company, Webvertising, Inc., were recently featured at Macromedia DevCon 2001 for their revolutionary new application for online hotel reservations.

The application, called OneScreen?, condenses the familiar multi-step online hotel reservation process to just a single screen and makes it easier and faster for guests to book a hotel room on the web. OneScreen is now a key component of the iHotelier offering.
OneScreen was one of the featured applications in the Macromedia Customer Application Showcase, which highlighted some of the best utilizations of Macromedia technologies. iHotelier used Macromedia Flash to create OneScreen`s easy-to-use interface, and Macromedia ColdFusion enables it to pull real-time rate and inventory data from the iHotelier database. Kevin Lynch, president of Macromedia products, also highlighted OneScreen during his DevCon 2001 keynote address.

With its elegant, intuitive user interface, OneScreen is a completely new approach to online reservations. Guests enter travel dates directly on a calendar, and are immediately shown what rooms are available. Or the guest may select a room first, which immediately shows that room`s availability on the calendar. In addition to collapsing the reservations process to a single step, OneScreen also allows the user to proceed in any order, instead of being forced to follow a predefined series of steps.