INNCOM Unveils Ethernet-based Energy Management and High-Speed Communications Platform for Hotel Gue

INNCOM international, inc., unveiled the INNweb? system, a complete Ethernet-based energy management and communications platform for guestrooms, at the International Hotel Motel & Restaurant Show.

The INNCOM INNweb? system employs a standard Ethernet backbone to provide centrally controlled energy management, occupancy reporting and other valuable functionality. At the same time, it creates an infrastructure that can be used for high-speed Internet access, digital video-on-demand, VoIP phones, central electronic lock control and other guestroom services. INNCOM is installing the INNweb? system at a 400-room luxury hotel in southwestern Connecticut.

Duane Buckingham, president and CEO of INNCOM, said, “We strongly believe that INNweb? has the potential to revolutionize the way in which services are delivered to guestrooms. Essentially, we create a high-speed pipeline to guestrooms that can be cost justified by energy savings and multiple operating benefits. This in turn provides a powerful broadband highway on which high-speed Internet traffic or any other Ethernet-compatible service can simultaneously be deployed. The cost savings in this shared Ethernet environment can be significant.”

Designed specifically for the lodging industry, the INNCOM MBX is the heart of the system and has three functional sides. On one side, it communicates over the Ethernet backbone with INNCOM smart thermostats, laptops and other devices in guestrooms. On another it exchanges occupancy information, HVAC status and other data with the hotel`s property management and building automation systems. And on the third side, it connects to the Internet through a standard T1 router. The entire system is then accessible on the Web through INNweb? server software developed by INNCOM.

INNCOM has patents pending on the INNweb? technology.