Stayxs Booking Engine Power for Asia Partners.

Hotel booking engine Stayxs Inc. is now partnered with more than 100 travel and destination web sites.

Stayxs has added more than 100 quality distribution partners for hotels in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Malaysia and Singapore. Stayxs co-brands and links its state-of-the-art booking engine to its partner`s site, giving them the ability to offer hotel discounts and room availability, even during sold out periods, to their customer base.

Stayxs is partnered with a variety of hotel and tour companies and services allowing tens of thousands of travelers to take advantage of its discounts and unequaled booking capabilities. “We are uniquely qualified to both provide travelers with the best value for their travel dollars as well as provide our partners with a money-making venture with little to no additional costs,” P Syal the company director said in a statement.

Stayxs builds the site for its partners at its expense, as well as paying for the ongoing maintenance. The site will have the look and feel of each individual partner`s own site while it utilizes the Stayxs booking engine. Additionally, Stayxs Inc pays its partners a substantial commission enabling some of its partners to earn more than an additional $1,500 a month in revenues it otherwise might not have had an opportunity to earn. Partners are paid at the end of each month with a complete reporting of hotel bookings.

Established in 1999, Stayxs partners include a variety of leading Internet travel service providers including Pack Back, India Hotels, India Info and The India trip; the company is based in both California and New Delhi.