‘Low Site Abandon Rates, But ...’ - realenduser.com.

webHancer Corporation has announced Internet performance findings for the most highly trafficked online travel sites (aa.com, delta.com, expedia.com, orbitz.com, travelocity.com, united.com) on its realenduser.com site.

realenduser.com will also be showcasing volume indicators since September 11th, and will continue to update those indicators throughout the rest of the week in light of the tragic crash on November 12th.

As a result of the continued concern over flying, all eyes are on how the travel industry will fare over the critical Thanksgiving and holiday season. As a result, online travel and airline websites are striving to boost revenues by attracting more flyers through various promotions and marketing initiatives. One vital aspect to consider is the how these websites perform, and whether poor performance causes users to abandon their travel plans.

realenduser.com`s data reveals that performance for the top visited online airline and travel sites varies widely from an average of 2.57 seconds for Delta to 7.07 seconds for Orbitz. However, the data also shows that abandon rates across all sites is relatively minimal, ranging from an amazing low of 0.99% for American Airlines to 2.98% for Expedia—still a relatively low number.

Ordinarily, the low abandon rates showcased would be cause for celebration; however, realenduser.com`s analysis of user history shows that the majority of users, when abandoning (i.e. leaving a site before it finishes loading), will go to a competitor. This interesting behavior reveals that most travel browsers are not as loyal as their low abandon rates suggest, and in fact that most travelers will not hesitate to turn to a competitor if online performance does not meet their standards. This data was compiled for the week of November 5th. Due to the unfortunate crash on November 12th in New York, realenduser.com will also be paying particular attention to how traffic volumes fare over the next few days, and will continue to update its site with that information.


webHancer Corporation is the first Internet performance company to provide Web measurement and analysis applications based on the performance experience, tolerance and reactions of actual end users, rather than machine-generated simulations. By tracking a Web site`s performance from the desktops of millions of end users, webHancer enables organizations to define optimization strategies for their Web sites that will allow them to meet the performance expectations and requirements of their customers, while still ensuring the best return on infrastructure investment.