Total Pricing for Sabre Cars

Launching a first-of-its-kind offering targeted to support Sabre Connected travel agents, car rental suppliers and their traveling clientele, Sabre has announced Total Pricing for Sabre Cars.
This new functionality enables travel agents to provide to their clients the approximate total price of their car rental, including the total of all rates, taxes, fees, surcharges and applicable drop-off charges.

“It is always our goal to make the travel experience faster and easier for all involved,” said Pat Moynihan, director of Car Sales and Marketing for Sabre. “With the proliferation of local taxes, airport surcharges, concession fees and even stadium taxes, determining the true price of a car rental has become a confusing process for many of our customers. Total Pricing for Sabre Cars is a great productivity tool for travel professionals, and alleviates a point of frustration for both rental car suppliers and the travelling public.”

Sabre recently implemented the first phase of its two-phase Total Pricing for Sabre Cars rollout. This new GDS functionality allows car suppliers to provide an approximate total price for the rental in their confirmation response to a travel agent`s sell request. Phase two of the launch, which will be available in first quarter 2002, will allow car rental suppliers to provide an approximate total price for the rental during the customer`s shopping process. Approximate total price information will be available on Sabre`s Car Shop, Car Quote and Rate Rule Detail displays.

Avis Rent A Car System, Inc. is an early adopter of the new service. “We look to Sabre to develop the system functionality that allows us to more accurately forecast rental costs for those interested in Avis` services,” said Scott Deaver, Avis Rent A Car System executive vice president of Marketing.

Another key benefit of Total Pricing for Sabre Cars is its ability to provide the total price of rental across weekend, weekday, weekly and other rate categories. Prior to the advent of Total Pricing for Sabre Cars, GDS were limited to informing customers only of weekly or daily car rental rates. Sabre will be unique in providing an ordered shopping display across multiple vendors based on the approximate total price of the car rental, a monetary detail of applicable mandatory charges, storage of the rental price in the passenger name record and inclusion of that price in the passenger`s itinerary.