Expedia.com`s Holiday Travel Centre Simplifies Travel Planning

In order To help navigate
through recent changes in travel, Expedia.com(R) is offering a holiday travel
centre called Holiday Travel Made Easy.
This centre features tips from renowned radio and television travel expert, Rudy
Maxa, plus the latest news and advice to step travellers through the travel
“The holidays may mark the first time many Americans will be travelling
since new procedures and policies were instituted.  Expedia(R)`s holiday
travel center equips travelers with everything they need to know about recent
changes in travel policies to help make their trip as smooth as possible,”
said Erik Blachford, senior vice president of marketing and programming for
Expedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXPE).  “Plus, Expedia.com also provides some of this
season`s best travel deals, making it affordable for the entire family to be
From tips on what to pack and what to avoid packing in a carry on bag to
understanding the latest FAA regulations and what to expect at check-in,
Expedia`s Holiday Travel Made Easy covers this holiday travel season step by
step.  Whether travellers are looking for advice on how to entertain kids while
traveling or have questions about airport parking, it can all be found on
Expedia`s resources and planning tools recently proved vital for one
frequent Expedia.com user, Tamara Kennedy.  “Expedia.com was an essential
information resource for me when booking travel arrangements for my boss
immediately following the September 11 events,” said Ms. Kennedy.  “The site
was easy to use and kept me updated on the daily changes affecting air travel
—new security measures, check-in procedures, updated flight schedules and
airport information were all in one convenient place.  I have full confidence
in Expedia.com and plan to use the site to research and book my personal
travel this holiday season.”

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