BizProLink offers Web entry point for travel agents

BOCA RATON, Fla.—BizProLink today announced the availability of an Internet web site devoted exclusively to travel agents. A portal is a fancy term for a site that gathers most of the resources that a Web surfer wants in one place, and is designed to be the first destination (home page) on the Web surfer’s journey. This online “portal” provides a doorway and guide to a rich network of information and resources geared to the everyday business needs of millions of travel agents.
“Travel agents who used to make consumer sites like Yahoo their point of entry to the web are now making BizProLink their daily Start-Page,” said Steven Sponder, president and founder of BizProLink. “While Yahoo is for consumers, BizProLink’s Travel Agent’s portal is exclusively for travel agents who want to link only to the business resources they need,” said Sponder, who created and developed a business-to-business site for MSN (the Microsoft Network).

At no cost to a user or business, BizProLink provides an online resource that is fast, functional, and easy to use. One click on BizProLink’s main page sends the user directly to the travel agent site, which contains information (“Content Channels”) compiled, categorized, and maintained by an industry expert. These “Content Channels” include resources related to: Marketing, Education and Seminars, Discussion Forums and Live Chats, Business Opportunities, Consultants, Operations Support, Personal Development, Product Auctions, Links to Trade Journals, Upcoming Events, Recruiting and Training, Financial Services, Government Resources, Technology, Trade Associations, Insurance Services. In addition, the portal provides Free Email, Stock Tickers, Local Weather, Web Site Construction, Travel Services, Maps & Directions, Translations, Business Searching, Package Delivery, and Y2K Solutions. Additionally, businesses that serve the travel industry can be listed for no charge through an “Add Your Site” option.

“Our industry guides understand the daily needs of travel industry professionals, and work to provide only the most relevant information,” said Kevin Goch, BizProLink Executive Vice President. “By aggregating and organizing the vast amount of information available on the Web, BizProLink simplifies your journey and saves you valuable time. You only have a limited amount of time in the day. Why spend it searching when we’ve done it for you?” said Goch.

BizProLink also has established strategic alliances with a growing number of major business vendors. These currently include Amazon, officemate, Nordby’s, Ecommercesoft, and MCI WorldCom.

BizProLink is the world’s leading network of profession-specific business-to-business Internet navigational portals currently serving visitors from over 40 countries. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla., the company currently provides portals for 16 popular professions with plans to expand the network to include more than 100 profession-specific portals in 1999 in multiple countries and languages.


The BizProLink Network consists of a single web navigation site (portal) for each targeted profession. At no cost, a user selects their profession from the main page, then encounters a wide range of content and links focusing exclusively on their profession. BizProLink is a registered trademark of BizProLink Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.