HDN Million Dollar Giveaway.

Hotel Discounts Network is giving away $1 million worth of hotel accommodation to help speed the recovery of the nation`s hard-hit tourism industry.
HDN will absorb the costs of the $1 million promotion so that both hotels and consumers benefit. The HDN initiative follows last week`s proposal from U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson D-FL. seeking legislation to grant Americans who travel to destinations in the United States a $500 tax credit; couples would get a $1,000 credit.

Every 500th person booking will get up to $500 worth of free accommodation i.e. people booking $500 worth of accommodation pay nothing; people booking accommodation worth $700 pay only $200.

HDN offers more than 10,000 hotels worldwide and has added over 500 hotels and resorts since launching its new site just one week after the terrorist bombings. The company also recently announced a $10 million contract with a leading Brazilian tour operator that guarantees at least 100,000 room nights booked in Central Florida in coming months.