WorldResults? Maps Hotel Supply

WorldRes.comå?, a leading online hotel reservation network, today announced its next-generation revenue management technology for its member hotels.
WorldResults?, the company’s new availability reporting and inventory updating system, allows hotels to increase reservation revenue by alerting them to high demand dates for which they have insufficient inventory to meet online consumer demand.

This unprecedented data reporting tool provides WorldRes hotels automatic, proactive reporting via e-mail regarding missed reservation revenue opportunities, then links hoteliers to an easy to use web interface to allow them to add rooms at their discretion for those high demand dates. Hotels dictate the frequency of these availability reports and retain control over the decision whether or not to allocate more inventory. If a hotel updates its inventory on the WorldRes system for specific dates, it then receives an inventory update and confirmation. Future availability reports give hotels feedback on their success.

WorldRes has completed an initial Beta test with a group of 120 properties, and early results have been promising. Some properties using WorldResults? witnessed a 50% increase in reservations during the trial period. WorldRes anticipates a full domestic rollout of the WorldResults? next month. WorldRes’ European hotels will have the opportunity to enroll in WorldResults? by early 2002.

Since WorldResults? was built to complement the WorldRes Hotel Administration System, hoteliers will need little or no additional training to use the new revenue management system. The new service is currently offered free of charge for WorldRes hotels.

“This is an industry first,” said Greg Jones, CEO of WorldRes.  “WorldResults? gives hoteliers real-time data to better match their inventory against online consumer demand, without going through an extensive trial and error process to optimize distribution and maximize online reservation revenue.”


WorldRes’ hoteliers were impressed by WorldResults?. Bill Englehardt, General Manager of the King George Hotel in San Francisco, commented, “We were thrilled by WorldResults?. This new product will provide us the kind of availability and revenue management data which was only available to professional reservation agents through their internal software systems. Now any property on the WorldRes system will eventually be able to access this valuable information to maximize returns.”