Amadeus AgentNet Unveiled.

Amadeus has launched AgentNet, an innovative web-based platform that enables travel agents to leverage and increase their expertise as leisure travel consultants, while in turn helping boost their productivity, sales and service.
With Amadeus AgentNet, travel agents can now:

* better serve their clients with vital travel information and resources

* grow their business and increase customer loyalty via integrated marketing and booking tools

* extend their agency`s reach to the Internet

* utilize online learning and training tools that offer cost efficiencies

* engage in online discussions with industry colleagues

Additionally, the product`s unique component-based design, utilization of the latest software technologies, and integration with Amadeus` other industry leading products—such as Amadeus Vista and Amadeus Cruise—ensures that agents stay competitive and deliver optimal value to their clients.

The launch of Amadeus AgentNet delivers on the company`s promise in November 2000 during the acquisition of to “redefine the future of leisure travel distribution” and offer to agents a superior web-based platform of tools and resources that provide the high-tech behind their high touch.

The U.S. roll-out of Amadeus AgentNet will begin in December and continue throughout 2002. Amadeus AgentNet will be available in two versions—one for Amadeus customers and one with additional specific tools and features relevant for members. U.S. travel agencies who would like more information should contact their Amadeus sales representative or 1-888-AMADEUS.