Six Continents Retail Puts Innkeeper`s Lodge on the Map and Online

Ramesys Hospitality Inc, South Plainfield, NJ, the leading provider of IT solutions to the economy/budget, mid and resort lodging industry, announced Innkeeper`s Lodge (UK), part of Six Continents Retail (formerly Bass Leisure Retail), has placed an order with Ramesys Hospitality for its online Internet Booking module.

The module is a component of the revolutionary Chain Management Solution (CMS) - a single inventory, integrated PMS/CRS, that allows customers with internet access the ability to book rooms for themselves directly onto live availability.
CMS has been operational at Innkeeper`s Lodge since August 1999, likely making it the world`s most established `next generation` single inventory chain solution.

Innkeeper`s Lodge (formerly Toby Lodge) is a collection of hotels aimed at providing guests with a refreshing budget accommodation experience. Front desk operators access CMS via a web browser linked via ISDN to a central server. No data or application software is located at the hotel, thus allowing software upgrades and faster implementation of policy changes. It also allows central interrogation of customer data, the creation of a centralized guest history database and the ability for any property to be sold by any other property.

The internet booking module, which is planned to go live by the end of the year, is already in use by other CMS customers, the largest hotels of which receive over 50 percent of bookings in this manner.

Commenting on the decision to implement this leading technology, Paul Madden, Innkeeper`s Lodge Sales and Marketing Manager, says, “We are about to open our 50th property in the UK and are excited about the increased business we expect to generate via CMS. We aim to channel all reservations through our central reservations office in Scotland, but as we increase our number of hotels, we don`t necessarily want to increase the size of our CRO. CMS, with its internet booking module, will allow us to grow without increasing overhead.”