TripMatcher’s Online Ski Resource.

SkiMatcher has proven itself to be a powerful selling tool for both travel and sports websites through an innovative combination of technology and content.

This new selling tool is driven by a specialized version of TripMatcher recommendation software developed by TripleHop Technologies in collaboration with SkiEurope, using artificial intelligence to advise travellers on destinations that best meet their requirements and preferences.

The SkiMatcher engine references a knowledge base of detailed information on the top 100 North American and European winter vacation destinations. Each resort has been independently reviewed and evaluated on 50 different criteria. SkiMatcher provides users with personalized recommendations, based on winter vacationer preferences such as favorite winter sports activities, slopes difficulty, weather preferences, travel time from departure city and more 50 other criteria supported by in-depth destination information.

Major travel and sports sites, including, The Independent Traveler, Inc. (distributed through AOL,, Netscape, and CompuServe), Yahoo! Sports, AlpsEurope and SkiMaps, are now using SkiMatcher. Users can also request travel proposals and quotations directly from SkiMatcher. Requests are fulfilled by leading specialist tour operators, some of whom have experienced a 70 percent increase in conversion of visitors-to-requesters ratios.

Travel and recreation website partners can have SkiMatcher running on their site in less than a week in a manner that allows the partner to maintain its customer relationship through a consistent look-and-feel. Implementation is fast and easy.