Green Suites International & GE Lighting Team

Green Suites International, the lodging industry`s leading environmental marketing and distribution company, has teamed with GE Lighting to help hotels reduce their energy lighting bills by up to 75 percent by installing new, energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Green Suites International President and Co-Founder Dan Bornholdt said that total lighting costs (for guestrooms and public areas such as lobbies, passageways, restaurants and meeting rooms, etc.) typically account for 40 percent of a property`s overall electrical expenses. Bornholdt said many hotels are suffering from electricity bills that have skyrocketed 50 percent or more, but that GE Lighting`s hospitality replacement lamps offered by Green Suites International can help properties reduce overall electrical bills by 30 percent almost overnight.
Just as important, Bornholdt said, GE Lighting`s energy-efficient Hospitality Solutions help hotels improve room ambiance, safety and security, and green conservation initiatives that not only help protect the planet, but also serve as solid sales tools when marketing to today`s more than 43 million environmentally conscious U.S. travellers.