ScenicPath Announces Online Travel Planning Tools Available Trough Website.

ScenicPath, Inc. is announcing the availability of its suite of online data management software tools designed for the travel consumer.
Available through its website,, the software is offered to simplify U.S. travel planning, promotion, reservations, and itinerary building.

The software acts as an intelligent search engine by matching the vast amounts of available travel information to the consumer, making it easier for travellers to find places to stay, restaurants, and things to do and buy at their travel destination. The software, which manages road trip planning, provides online reservation capabilities for more than 54,000 U.S. lodgings, and features more than 370,000 restaurants and over 27,000 activities, has been in development for over a year. Designed for convenience and cost effectiveness regarding all elements of the travel itinerary, ScenicPath software allows a traveller to work from a budget requirement, a scheduling requirement, or to simply browse destinations or the locations between their departure point and destination. Choosing from more than 20,000 U.S. cities, the traveller is able to visit points of interest, find the types and styles of restaurants of their liking, participate with activities sorted by type and availability, and find shopping and events for which they have an interest. In addition, ScenicPath offers one of the largest selections of online lodging reservation services in the U.S. travel market.

The data management elements are comprised of the following; Budget, Schedule, Proximity, Last-Minute bargains, Itinerary, and Participation via reviews and photo submissions. The Budget element allows the traveller to define their budget; the software then estimates the requirements for gas, lodging, food, activities, and of course shopping. ScenicPath software filters and presents the options that meet the traveller`s budget. The Scheduling tool analyzes how much time the traveller will be away from home or office by having the traveler enter departure time and estimated return time. From this information the software determines the number of evenings required for lodgings, the typical amount of meals and type, such as how many lunches and dinners the budget may have to allow, and finally from the total amount of time minus meals and travel time, the software analyzes the schedule to determine a suggestion list of possible proximity locations that may also be helpful in identifying the activities, attractions, and events the traveller might want to take in while on route or at their destination.

Often a service, activity, or an entire journey is cancelled as the traveller finds the destination they have chosen has been sold out. ScenicPath`s Proximity software, the only service of its type, broadens the traveller`s options for lodgings, activities, attractions, restaurants, and events by clearly illustrating all nearby opportunities in the surrounding communities. The Proximity service offers the traveller an idea of what sights, restaurants, and shopping are along the route to their destination and most importantly, it offers the traveller a list of services that surround their selected destination. This is especially beneficial when looking for that special lodging, a particular restaurant, shop, activity, or service the traveller must find while out on the road.

The travel industry has always had a challenge when it comes to selling last minute excess inventory. ScenicPath solves that challenge with ScenicBlast - a last-minute bargain notification and lookup service. We supply travellers a source to find lodging, restaurant, and activity bargains that don`t require the purchase of a complete airline package when the traveler may only be interested in a last-minute road trip. ScenicBlast allows the traveler to select specific geographic regions to receive travel discounts and bargain information. This guarantees that the message gets to a pre-qualified list of interested customers.


ScenicPath`s Itinerary service electronically stores and prints driving directions, maps, lodging reservation confirmations, restaurants, activities, attractions, and events that are along the path to their destination. This custom itinerary creates a day-by-day listing that highlights the travellers` interests with reminders of the hidden gems they won`t want to miss along their way.

ScenicPath has built a rich media experience that offers a unique set of tools for the traveller providing a specialized search engine that matches budget and schedule requirements to deliver a more comprehensive road trip-based travel package. ScenicPath is moving beyond the typical 50 hub cities offered by the most popular airline-centric services with an initial focus on more than 20,000 U.S. destinations. We are inviting public participation to obtain further data and images on any and all of the approximately 109,000 small towns, villages, and cities that dot America`s vast landscape. It is the goal of ScenicPath to feature the largest free database of digital imagery from around America. This will allow Americans and foreign visitors alike the chance to browse the greatness and expanse that is America prior to following their ScenicPath.

ScenicPath believes that how you get there, should be as much fun as being there.