Videoconferencing Trend Benefits Travel Agents During Business Travel Decline.

As business travel has declined in recent weeks, videoconferencing has become more popular. Obviously, that means less money going to the travel industry.

While conventional wisdom states that nothing beats a face-to-face meeting, the reality is that videoconferencing is here to stay to a greater or lesser degree.

Thanks then to HQ Global Workplaces, the world`s largest office outsourcing company and public room videoconferencing network, for starting a scheme whereby travel agencies can reap some financial benefit from videoconferences. The company has announced the formation of a new referral program for travel agents worldwide designed to assist business travellers with videoconferencing needs.

Travel agents referring their clients to HQ will receive a $75 commission on any ensuing videoconference that is conducted. For conferences taking place at more than one site, an additional $75 will be paid to the referring agent for each HQ location. To expedite and manage the process of forwarding leads, HQ provides travel agents with an easy-to-use form that they can fax or e-mail when submitting their referrals.

“HQ wants to work with travel agents across the globe to ensure they have as many resources as possible when assisting their clients,” said Joe Wallace, Senior Vice President of Business Development for HQ Global Workplaces. “Travel agents already help their clients book meetings at a variety of facilities - we`re now offering videoconferencing services to that mix.”


Over the last several weeks the number of videoconferences HQ has conducted has tripled. During the same timeframe, the company has logged a 375 percent increase in requests for information about videoconferencing.

“Our centralized reservation service offers a quick and easy way to schedule a videoconferencing meeting in more than 3,000 locations worldwide,” Wallace said. “We offer sites located in premier corporate facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and technology and highly trained staff creates a setting in meeting rooms as comfortable as the customer`s own office environment.”