CWT Symphonie Tool Enhancement.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel has enhanced its CWT Symphonie self-booking tool, which is the only fully-integrated self-booking tool, allowing total continuity across digital and traditional channels.

The self-booking tool is a component of CWT Symphonie the first travel management model of its kind, effectively integrating people, technologies, and processes to deliver an unparalleled return on investment.

New enhancements to the self-booking tool include the following:
—Hotel mapping—

Travellers can select a number of hotels and have them displayed on a map. This improves traveller satisfaction as they are able to better select a hotel to meet their requirements.

—Request itinerary copy—
Travellers can request a copy of their itinerary to be emailed directly from the system to a travel companion, travel arranger, or another individual.

—Car rental client policy—
Clients can rank car rental vendors based on their contract priority. This ensures travellers clearly understand their corporate preference as it relates to car contracts.


“Our self-booking tool stands high above the rest,” added Brown. “With 24 by 7, support and fulfillment no other tool can compete with us. We have the ability to provide 100 percent profile integration between our self-booking and traveler profiles for our customers, which increases utilization while drives down their costs.”