Synxis Processes Castle Resorts Reservations.

All GDS booking activities for Castle Resorts will now be processed through SynXis Agent, a suite of Internet-based reservation management and distributions systems, providing guests with the ability to make hotel reservations through travel agents and the Internet.

Castle Resorts has 20 unique tropical resorts located in Hawaii, Micronesia, and New Zealand. “SynXis provides a more effective way for us to manage our reservations for hotels and resorts that are spread around the Pacific Ocean and South Seas. The electronic distribution channels we now have access to are essential to help the hospitality industry cope with the changes in how people research and book travel,” said Alan Mattson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Castle Resorts. “A single chain code will help us streamline bookings and enhance awareness of our property to travel agents.” The resorts will use GDS Connectivity to link to over 600,000 travel representatives through seamless connectivity, and all will be listed under the SynXis chain code, YX.

Reservations for each property will be managed from a central location in Honolulu. SynXis` easy notification capability allows the properties to receive reservations via e-mail at each location daily, saving staff valuable time. “Increasingly, hotels are looking for flexible solutions to assist them in meeting operational and revenue goals in this changing economic market,” said Elmer Coppoolse, Vice President at SynXis. “SynXis` dedicated sales team and innovative software developers can find many cost-effective ways for meeting the requirements of hotels and destinations of any size. The Castle Resort started with 220 rooms, and today they have over 2,000. With that kind of growth and our scalable solutions, they can rely on SynXis to continue providing electronic distribution and reservations management technology.”