Despite Global Tensions Thai Conventions Proceed

Thailand`s exhibition and convention sector has not been hard hit to date by the current global predicament. Industry executives say
companies are maintaining a wait-and-see attitude until the tense global situation becomes clearer.
The vast majority of exhibitions already scheduled have not been cancelled, said
David Aitken, general manager of Bangkok Exhibition Services (BES) which organises professional and international trade exhibitions and conventions covering major business sectors.


He said that Thailand`s relatively remote position from recent activities involving the US-led attacks on Afghanistan presented positive aspects for business growth and industry development.
In a statement, he said that
“Thailand is still forecasting positive economic growth over the next 12 months,”
The BES executive suggested that closer co-ordination between the private sector and government agencies would help to develop more awareness of Thailand as a prime location for exhibitions and conventions among Asean countries.

He went on to state that international exhibitions not only delivered new technology to Thai businesses, but generated foreign-exchange earnings as well. Overseas visitors/exhibitors spend an average of 15,000 baht a day—about five times what tourists normally spend.
Mr Aitken said that the overall sentiment about exhibitions among business executives had not been negative.
“On the contrary, the situation might make it necessary for companies to participate in exhibitions to reinforce their brands and to develop new markets and find new customers.”