Rooster Launch New Branding Concept

One of the UK`s leading integrated communications agencies Rooster has launched its new branding concept, a series of humorous characters called the Roostars.

Unveiled on the agency`s new website and through an extensive e-marketing campaign, the half-human, half-object figures are designed to highlight Rooster`s commitment to `connected communications` - the company`s strapline - and to ensure an exciting web experience through their humorous take on the communications industry.

Connected communications expresses Rooster`s commitment to creating campaigns that enable its clients to achieve their strategic goals, and to ensuring that every element of complex campaigns connects perfectly with each other, to deliver an integrated message that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Roostars include the face of connected communications, a half-man, half egg-about-to-be-cracked character which appears on the site`s home page with the message - “To succeed, you`ve got to make an impact”. Also featured is a woman with grass growing out of her head, representing the agency`s branding proposition and accompanied by the strapline “From your brand everything else will grow”. For marketing a half-human, half-postbox character bears the advice - “Sometimes it pays to be direct”.

To drive traffic to the site, Rooster is launching the Roostars in a series of html emails to targets in the travel and technology sectors and to contacts across global media. The website also uses case studies to profile connected communications in action. Covering disciplines from advertising and branding to literature and PR, these show how Rooster has answered its clients` strategic goals through creative connected campaigns.


In addition to providing an eye-catching shopfront, now also offers the most comprehensive travel and technology resource for the media, through its new fully-searchable press centre. This showcases the latest news from many of the industry`s leading forces, together with features, viewpoints, events and photography. Visitors to the site can also sign up to receive email news bulletins on subjects of their choice.

Established by Henry Hemming in 1997, Rooster has continuously expanded its PR and marketing activities to become one of the most established full-service communications agencies in the travel and IT sectors. Clients include Online Travel Company (OTC), the UK`s largest online travel supplier and retailer, behind sites including and; Anite Travel Systems, the leading travel industry reservations systems provider, and X-TANT, part of NTL and operators of the retail and travel industries` leading reservations networks.